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      The European Union needs a security system built jointly with Russia, said the head of the French Academy Helene Carrer d’Ankoss. She is quoted by French Radio G.

      «We need a security system that takes into account the interests of all countries. This is what French President Emmanuel Macron is talking about,» said Carrer d’Ankoss. According to her, Europe otherwise will not be able to «ensure a stable future for our children and grandchildren.»

      The head of the Academy urged to understand Russia instead of being afraid of it. She noted that the whole history of Russia is a movement towards Europe.

      According to the expert, the West has not emerged from the Cold War, and this is the main fault of the United States. At the same time, she urged not to belittle Europe’s responsibility in this matter.

      Carrer d’Ankoss concluded that the post-Soviet era required Russia, the successor of the USSR, to create a new security architecture in which all countries of the European continent would be integrated. «This is a European problem,» she concluded.

      Earlier, Russian oil exporters began reorienting supplies from Europe to other regions, some of the logistics schemes have already been reconfigured. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Alexander Novak.

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